“With Sunsolar it’s all about the Heat!”

Sunsolar Energy Technologies has been Canada’s largest distributor of Solar Swimming Pool Heating Systems since 1987. We are the exclusive Canadian distributor to both FAFCO and Heliocol Solar Pool Heaters. We also manufacture our own brand “SunQuest” solar heating panels for swimming pools.

In 1997 we introduced a revolutionary new product to the pool industry known as the “Tropical Fish Liquid Solar Blanket”.

The Tropical Fish liquid solar blanket is a safe, non toxic, biodegradable liquid that forms a one molecule thick film on the surface of your pool water. This liquid solar blanket prevents evaporation which in turn helps to retain heat in your swimming pool. This revolutionary new product has sweeped North America and has become a must have product to pool owner’s everywhere.

Since then we have continuously introduced and expanded our product lines to accommodate various areas within the swimming pool industry.