The Liquid Heat Fish we used last year saved us lots and lots of water. I only had to add water to the pool about 5-10 times all summer. For the ten years prior to using the fish we added water about every other day. It was obvious what the difference was because we saw the water level drop much more quickly after around 25 days using 2 Turbo fish to protect our 20 x 40 foot in-ground pool. I wrote a big note on our pool supplies to be sure
to replace the Turbo fish every 24 days.

Really, there should be a requirement that everyone who has a pool use a solar blanket of this type. It is truly amazing! Also, not having to put on, take off and clean the bubble wrap style solar cover and to scoop up and vacuum all the debris that collects on that huge plastic blanket has been wonderful. We actually are using the pool and the
skimmers keep the surface debris skimmed so cleaning is really very, very easy. Liquid Heat is super!


Mrs. Keath- M.

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