The WinterFish

The WinterFish is our newest, most innovative product introduction and follows on the heels of our immensely popular Turbo Fish -Liquid Solar Blanket. On contact with the water, the solid state computer of the WinterFish is energized. The computer then runs a diagnostic routine, which turns on the pump for several seconds. The computer will then shutdown until early next spring. In early spring the computer will re-activate and check if the pool water is above 41°F (5°C). Only when your pool water is above 41°F will the computer run the WinterFish pump. As long as the water temperature remains above 41°F the pre-programmed computer will disperse the required amount of liquid for your swimming pool every hour 24/7 until the fish is empty (approx.7 days). This convenience and time delay allows for your "winterizing treatment" of the pool to be boosted at a critical time when temperatures are rising, sunlight levels are increasing and the pool cover accelerates the potential for algae proliferation.

  • Reduces the need for costly chemical treatments.
  • Boost's winterizing treatment.

Ask for it by name!
If it's not TROPICAL FISH®,

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