On contact with water the TURBOTM’s solid state computer is energized and activates the pump to immediately disperse a specific amount of the liquid into your pool. ( You may hear the pump work) After that the pre-programmed computer will disperse the required amount of liquid for your swimming pool every hour, 24/7. The liquid (LiquidHeatTM) floats to the surface of the pool forming a pool friendly invisible cover which acts as an evaporation inhibitor.

Instructions :

Step 1
Program your TURBOTM SOLAR FISH for your size swimming pool :

A- If your pool’s surface area is 400 Square Feet or less ( 21 foot round or 14 foot by 28 foot rectangular pool ) you can move on to step 2. TURBOTM’s are default programmed for these size pools. Your TURBOTM will last for approximately 60 days.

B- If your pool’s surface area is over 400 Square Feet ( 24 foot round or 15 foot by 30 foot to a 20 foot by 40 foot rectangular pool ) cut the thin black wire at the bottom front of your TURBOTM. Ordinary scissors will do just fine. Your TURBOTM will last for approximately 30 days.

Step 2
Now just drop your TURBOTM fish into your pool. As the air escapes from the lower pump area the fish should sit vertical in the water. You can hasten the removal of excess air by gently shaking the fish in the water. ( Don’t worry, the TURBOTM fish won’t bite.) At first the TURBOTM will float 3/4 submerged. As it empties over time, it will slowly sink to the bottom of your pool.

Enjoy a long and comfortable swimming season.

THE LIQUID : LiquidHeatTM when dispersed by our computerized pump, 
floats to the surface of the pool forming a pool friendlycover which acts as an 
evaporation inhibitor.Your TURBO™will reduce water evaporation by up to 50% 
and evaporation accounts for 90% of heat loss from a pool. 
You will notice increased heat retention in your swimming pool.

It will get warmer quicker and stay warmer longer. In a non-heated pool your 
heat loss at night will be greatly reduced. In a heated pool your energy costs 
will drop dramatically.The TURBO™ works best by adjusting your swimming 
pool jets down.

LiquidHeat™: is biodegradable environmentally safe, non-toxic and totally harmless to all swimmers and harmless to pets drinking from the pool surface
Liquidheat™: will not affect the chemical balance ( PH, chlorine, alkalinity ) of the pool. It will not affect the plumbing or filtration and will not damage vinyl liners or any other pool surfaces in any way.
For 20 years, this liquid has had a proven track record in
 municipal and commercial swimming pools. 
It has been sold for over 7 years for residential pools
in our original TROPICAL FISH Liquid Solar Blanket 
and millions of swimming pool owners benefit from its use.

Ask for it by name!
If it's not TROPICAL FISH®,

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