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Manufacturing plant located at:

Sunsolar Energy Technologies
3262 FX-Tessier
Vaudreuil, Qc., Canada
J7V 5V5

450-424-1876 / fax 450-424-5757

US Warehouse facility:

Sunsolar Energy Technologies
334 Cornelia Street
Unit # 208
Plattsburgh, NY, 12901

Our company owned manufacturing plant


Each year more than ONE MILLION Solar Fish are heating swimming pools
around the world. Here are a few comments from satisfied pool owners.

“We’ve been using the Solar Fish for years. We love it. It’s clean, it’s easy and it saves me money!”
Robert Angeloni
King City, ON

“The fish allows us to enjoy our pool from early spring to late fall. It really extends the swimming season”
Bruce Keller
Belleville, ON

“It’s about time somebody made it easier to save pool heat.
I applaud the manufacturers.”
-Paul Mueller
Charlotte, North Carolina

“This is a good innovation. The water stays in my pool.
We swam late in the season.”
-Jacques Bovard
Salt Lake City, Utah

“I am saving money. When I am saving money I am happier. When I’m happy I can work on my tan and have a drink.”
-Carmelita Reyes
Albuquerque, New Mexico

“It’s FISHtastic!”
-Steve Johnstone
Vancouver, Canada

“I don’t know how many hours I’ve spent hauling the blanket on and off. The fish made things so much easier.”
-Norm Jackson
Miami Beach, Florida

“When it’s time for something new, it’s time. Now is that time for saving the pool water. Thank you for your product. It’s really something new.”
-Harvy Chong
San Antonio

“A nice warm pool at the end of a long day. That’s what the Tropical Fish means to me.”
-Nicole Dixon
Portland, Oregon

“It’s a good small price for something that keeps a lot of heat in the pool. I will keep buying it now. My other friends are buying it too and they’re happy I told them about it.”
-Gustav Czernecki
Atlanta, Georgia

“You want warm water until the fall. You want the Tropical Fish. There’s nothing to it. Cut it, drop it in, go swimming. Someone had to figure it out. You want the Tropical Fish. That’s it.”
-April McKillop
Manhattan, New York

“Now that I have found the Tropical Fish I know there is no other way.”
-Luis Filipo
Austin, Texas

“This is the invention of the century because it’s biodegradable, safe and it saves money.
On top of that it’s very easy. It’s a true innovation!”
-Zeke Nissan
Sacramento, California


Ask for it by name!
If it's not TROPICAL FISH®,

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